Vacancies In Mauritius For School Leavers

Vacancies in Mauritius for School Leavers – Are you a school leaver, with no prior job experience, but motivated to find a job, and acquire the necessary skills for a satisfying future career?

You wish to start early, get on-the-job experience, grow with the organization and climb the professional ladder as your knowledge and skills increase?

Or do you wish to discover your career preference by joining an organization and from there, learn more about yourself and specialize in a particular area?

In this modern and highly competitive society, where achievement is the master word, it is very important for school leavers to find and secure a job. However, it does not just stop there. They will have to build their career by integrating the right organization, depending on where they wish to propel themselves in the future. This is why it is crucial for school leavers to find the latest jobs that would fit their vision and apply. One of the best habits that they could adopt is to read; read articles about their aspiration, career tips and advices, books and career focused videos and the like.

Get Ready for the job market

One of the most difficult steps for school leavers is to kick-start their career. At the beginner, it is very difficult to find a job on the market being inexperienced in most field. In this case, many remain unemployed for several months to a whole year. This is because they do not have the skills required to be competent enough in the real world.

What’s the solution?

The solution seems simple but it’s far more than this.

The main goal of a school leaver should not be to find a job. His or her main focus is to acquire training and experience. One of the most common ways is to apply for internship or trainee in the field of their choice. Sometime, you will have to accept to do this and get nothing in return. But don’t worry! Even though no salary, you will end up learning so many things, get work experience and most important you will be able to define yourself and understand what you actually like to do as a career.

After the internship period, if you have proven yourself to be talented, motivated, a fast learner, creative, innovative and serious about work, the management may consider offering you a permanent job or in the worst case, you will leave with some good knowledge and experience and ready to send your professional profile to other Employers.

Jobs In Mauritius For SC/HSC Holders

As explained in the last paragraph, it is a little difficult to get your first job due to lack of experience. However, the good news is that a lot of companies now offer the opportunity for inexperienced SC and HSC holders to start a training program at the end of which they will select the best candidates to offer a position. These positions will mainly be data entry operators, call center agents, customer support and related.

Job Vacancies In Mauritius Airport

Among a lot of companies offering job opportunities, the airport of Mauritius is a centralized place where several companies operate under one roof. This is therefore a great place for job seekers with no or very little experience to start a good career. In the airport, there are companies doing business in different fields including logistics and shipping, warehousing, travel, tourism, banking, restauration and the list goes…

To conclude, let me give you some other ideas where you may find job opportunities:
banks and banking institutions, offshore companies, hotels etc.. You may also visit our website for available jobs opportunities in Mauritius from time to time as they are updated on a daily basis.