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Imagine yourself reaching new heights and embracing a passionate career, YOUR dream career, which awaits you just one click away… In a highly competitive era where the job market offers an array of possibilities, job starters and experienced workers both face challenges. And with the advent of new technological advancements, the world of business is moving at an unprecedented pace. That’s why, Vacancies in Mauritius (VIM) is here to help you find the right opportunity, and to seize it.

Who are we – Vacancies in Mauritius?

Vacancies in Mauritius is privately owned by Perfect Atmosphere. Our goal is to provide a one-stop Job Portal for job seekers and employers at the lowest possible cost – ZERO !

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

This famous quote coined to Confucius sounds Utopian, but we believe at Vacancies in Mauritius (VIM) that employees with the desire to reach new heights in their career should seek their dream job with passion and never stop until they find it. We fit the right people at the right place, creating peace of mind both for the employer, and the employee. The best gift that you can give to yourself is find fulfillment in what you do…

Our Vision

Our vision was born through the analysis of new market trends and through our relationship with people. Because we are living in an era where technology is available in most households, we think that a job portal is the ideal channel through which career seekers can find the job that best fits them and where employers can find the most suitable candidates to match their requirements.

What Makes VIM Different?

When the need for a change in their career path arises, job seekers turn to job portals searching for vacancies. What makes VIM different is that our services are totally FREE to both Employers and Job Seekers. Hence feel free to grab the opportunity of reaching new heights, for the right time is always now.

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Job Categories Available in Mauritius

According to the Mauritius Statistics bureau, the unemployment rate in Mauritius averaged between 6-7% during the last quarter of 2019. In an environment which is highly competitive, even though possibilities are multiple, candidates should be able to demonstrate that they possess the right skills to make them attractive to potential employers. Our website allows you to browse through vacancies in all sectors of activity available in Mauritius.

At Vacancies in Mauritius, you can easily find a job as you will be notified via email of any new position related to your profile as they are posted by Employers. Currently trending job sectors include:

Trending Jobs in 2019

For job seekers who are not able to find their dream job, learning new skills in line with today’s trends might be a good idea. As we embrace 2020, statistics have shown a rise in job demands which require digital skills. Hence, the ICT/BPO/Digital marketing/Web and other related sectors of activities have been in need of fresh blood to answer the demand for skilled candidates.

Emerging Job in 2020

The job landscape in Mauritius is going through a considerable shift meaning that the decrease in demand for certain skills might become obsolete while on the other hand, a rise in demand for other skills which will rise in high demand.

We expect an emergence in jobs which mainly require digital skills as recruiters will be on the lookout for SEO Specialists, E-Commerce Professionals, Social Media Experts, Web developers, Webmasters / Designers, Digital Marketer and those who possess skills in those areas.

Social networking and online activities will be brought to increase with time and diligent job seekers have to ensure that their personal information is properly displayed online. This will allow recruiters to easily find them. We are all familiar with the term ‘Global Village’, and this is how we see the future relationship between job seekers and recruiters.

Up-to-date resumes should be available online for easy reference and consultation by recruiters. This online step of recruitment can save time and avoid the inconvenience of physical displacement. In a very near future, the hiring process will be called to shift too – indeed it has already started. Nowadays, it is a very common process for recruiters to undergo a first video and webcam interview, before conducting the classical face to face interview. This process saves time and allows first impressions to settle quite quickly. To identify the ideal candidate, a human contact is necessary and it cannot be replaced by technology. However, we will stress on the importance of an online visibility which can be your passport for a new life.

Recruiters will prioritize affordability while looking for top candidates, emphasizing the importance of an online visibility which will be a determinant factor for those on the lookout for a new career. To reach this NEW HEIGHT, the extra effort has to be induced, and at VIM, we will guide you in the best possible way until you reach your final destination.

Jobs for School Leavers

They are coined as the ‘Y Generation’, ‘Generation Wii’ or ‘The iGeneration’, to highlight how important technology is part of their lives. We will focus on those born after year 2000; soon they will also be joining the job market as well. As a fact, the level of unemployment in Mauritius will potentially rise and school leavers should be able to differentiate themselves, whether be it in their approach and the way they sell their skills as young professionals.

This starts right with the way their C.V is presented. A knowledge in digital skills will be required to create top-notch C.Vs / resumes. Those skills will offer better opportunities to our school leavers, and why not, maybe allow them to secure their first job experience through VIM? In a highly competitive market, they are sure to need guidance in their job seeking process. We assist you for the creation of resumes and for drafting your first letter of application!

Whether you are a first time career seeker, or you decided that you need a 360 degree career change in your life, we believe that the right time is always NOW. Let us help you make the first step towards a new life, full of new perspectives.

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